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Clean Elections, Clean Government and Cleaning Up a Mess: A Mini-Musical

(What I Learned Almost on the Way to Washington)

This one-person "dramatic/musical" production was written by and features Larry Quick, Democratic Opponent to House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert in the 2002 General Election.

The "play" lasts about 45 minutes. It was created to inspire voters to stand up and claim their political power. It was created to encourage citizens to step forward and become active members of the Democratic Party, especially members of Dynamic Democratic Precinct Organizations.

During the first 30 minutes Larry asks and addresses four questions:

  • Why do good people support evil systems?
  • Can we really know what the truth anymore?
  • How much must we pay to assure that we never have good government?
  • Who's got a mop?

Each question is set up or followed by folk or country song, chosen to inspire thoughtful reflection. Larry accompanies himself on acoustic guitar. (Before he became a "famous political figure" he was a professional entertainer).

The last 15 minutes features a "Candidate Q&A." During this time audience members can direct questions and comments to Larry on the issues raised during the "play" in a "simulated candidate forum."

The Candidate Q&A can be extended beyond 15 minutes if the audience desires.

This production is available to all Democratic committees and groups. Because of the 45 minute length, it is well suited to serve as an after-dinner and/or fundraising event.

A nonpartisan version is available for presentation in schools, colleges and universities encouraging students to become active voters.

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