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Laurence J. Quick Ph.D, CPA


Larry Quick is a management consultant, former university professor and a founding director of the Chicago Deming Association. He has taught leadership, management and accounting at DePaul, Benedictine and Aurora Universities.

He has served as Director of the Center for Ethics in Business at Benedictine University and as Director of the W. Edwards Deming Center for Ethical Leadership at Aurora University. In 2002, he was the Democratic Congressional Candidate for the 14th Illinois District.

Larry is Director of the Quick 'N Clean Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about creative democratic transformation, starting first with the Democratic Party, and then flowing naturally to all levels of government - local, county, state and federal. He is also Kane County Chairman of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project, Co-founder of the National Ballot Integrity Project and serves as an elected Democratic precinct committeeman.



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