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Quick ‘N Clean Foundation

Welcome to the Quick ‘N Clean (QNC) Foundation Web Site!

The QNC Foundation is a Democratic PAC registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

QNC’s mission is nothing short of creative democratic transformation, starting first with the Democratic Party and then naturally flowing to all levels of government - local, county, state and federal.

To make the transformation happen QNC has developed Democrats 2016.

Democrats 2016 is a powerful grassroots program designed to attract thousands of new volunteers and supporters to the Democratic Party.

To have good government America needs a strong Democratic Party.

Democrats 2016 is the path to good government, a good life and a strong Democratic Party.

Democrats 2016 has the blueprint, the tools and the action plan to get the job done.


When running a baseball diamond, a player must touch all bases to score. Likewise, to recreate itself and score key victories in 2016, the Democratic Party must cover all bases.

No base can be missed!

To recreate itself the Democratic Party must cover these four bases:

1st Base - Powerful Message (platform built on core Democratic values)

2nd Base - Qualified Candidates (dynamic precinct organizations, effective recruitment)

3rd Base - Public Campaign Finance (clean election laws as passed in ME and AZ)

Home Plate - Election System Integrity (honest and accurate elections)

Action-Plan Tools

What are the QNC action-plan tools?


On which bases are they located?

1st Base (Powerful Message) Ten-part DEMOCRATIC platform built upon economic justice, labor rights, human rights and environmental sustainability

2nd Base (Qualified Candidates) Democratic Candidate Recruitment Manual, Building Dynamic Precinct Organizations Manual, 25 Quick Steps to a DPO Manual

3rd Base (Public Campaign Finance) Federal and state clean election laws providing public campaign funding, sensible spending limits and voluntary participation

Home Plate (Election System Integrity) Democratic Election Integrity Committee Manual, Ballot Integrity Project Documents

Action Plan

To assure that the Democratic Party covers all the bases, Democrats 2016 includes a 20-point action plan covering local, state and national roll outs.

Clean elections, honest government, and a strong Democratic Party are essential to the well being of our people.

Achieving these goals will require a dedicated grass roots effort, effective organization and a labor of love.

We are a great people living in a great nation.

We can do it!

We can create good government and a good life for all our citizens.

It will take courage, intelligence and compassion.

America has all of these in abundance.

So let us begin!



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